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Efflorescence is caused by water entering masonry. Water travels through the pores and dissolves soluble salts. In cement paste within concrete and mortar, the most problematic salt is known as 'free lime' (calcium hydroxide). Calcium hydroxide deposits then absorb carbon (carbonation), and become extremely stubborn to remove.

Efflorescence can also occur from atmospheric deposits or inherent salts in clay and aggregate. Efflorescence from inherent salts is often observed on face brickwork.

How does Efflock prevent efflorescence?
The product creates a water repellent molecular structure within the pores of concrete. Should any small amount of moisture be absorbed, it allows the controlled release of moisture while preventing salts from migrating to the evaporation point.

We want to use Efflock in our tiling job. How far does 1 litre go?
Using it saves around 80% cost compared to the application of secondary membranes, and protects the tile adhesive and grout.

The product is designed to dilute 100 times to use as gauging water in the tile bed*, adhesive and grout.

1 litre bottle = approx. 16m2, including 40mm tile bed, adhesive and grout

5 litre bottle = approx. 80m2, including 40mm tile bed, adhesive and grout

20 litre drum = approx. 320m2, including 40mm tile bed, adhesive and grout

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